I am a Californian animator, who studied at Brigham Young University, focusing on character animation and story development.

I have experience in 3d applications such as Maya, Mari, and Mudbox, though I have had more years of practice using programs like Adobe Flash and Toon Boom Animate Pro.

I have had many opportunities to build my skills in character animation. I started off doing my own projects in 2004 and learning on my own doing my own short films (my first being about a ninja who works in a sandwich shop), before eventually getting accepted into BYU's Animation Program in 2011. These personal projects helped me discover what I can do with the medium of animation, and taught me what it takes to take an idea and turn it into a finished short film. The first student group film project I worked on was Dreamgiver, directed by Tyler Carter, where I was responsible for inbetweening, cleanup animation, and coloring for shots within the 2D segment. My work on that film introduced me to working in a collaborative work environment, and likely helped to finally convince faculty that I was ready to be accepted into the animation program. Most recently, I did 3D character animation for my class's short film project Owned.

I also enjoy learning new skills, refusing to believe that I can't figure out how to do something I want to do - my parents made me take sewing lessons, piano, summer science camps, and marching band in high school; I built my own computer, I programmed my own content management system to serve as my website, learned soldering and simple electric engineering, and most recently I've built a Reprap-based 3d-printer. What I like most is how I can use all this knowledge to better create and tell stories through art and animation in ways that are new and different to me.