I grew up in the sunny (often too sunny) state of California, the oldest of four, with a lasting interest in art and drawing. I started learning how to use Flash to make my own animated cartoons near the end of high school, and then attended a local community college that had a selection of art and animation-related classes. I eventually transferred to the Brigham Young University in Utah, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts: Animation.

I like to find interesting and unexpected ways to approach problems, while keeping these solutions appropriate for the situation. I am always interested in learning how to achieve what I want or need, and am resourceful in figuring out where to get information and what to research. This has enabled me to gain experience in music, programming, rigging, sewing, 3d printing, and basic mechanical and electronic engineering, among other things, allowing me to create and tell stories through animation that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. I feel that I am very versatile, and am able to adapt to any situation.